FinTech, BigData, Business Intelligence

Creating cutting-edge software for the delivery and use of financial services, we build up the enterprise's infrastructure for Big Data Management and Business Intelligence. Our software-as-a-services provide companies what is needed for their banking and payment service products.

about us

Reaven Tech has formed up financial technologies in mind, and accordingly tailored the capabilities of computer sciences into big data management and back-end&front-end of finance, banking services and trade platforms.

our services

our goal is to make the financial services more transparent, efficient and cost-effective.


the financial service providers offer various service to their customers. However, there is no transparency between the customer and the service provider. helps companies in transparency by providing AISP (Account Information Service Provider).

Efficiency develops payment solutions like Online Payment Initiation Services Platform (PISP) that bring various financial source under one umbrella.


team reaven develops simple APIs for financial services that cut complex, time consuming and expensive the integration of different interfaces and financial sources.


we build up cloud platforms of neo-banking that automate accounting, payment and transfer processes so that people can concentrate on their true business rather than getting lost in the pillars of traditional banking.

team reaven

our team comprises programmers, analysts and researchers that are guided by the leadership of senior developers and business affiliates who have unique experiences in finance sector by having worked with international partners and investors for years.

Teyhan Aktan

Founder, Head of Business Development and Marketing

Ali Uygar Küçükemre

Founder, Chief Technology Officer, Managing Director

Osman Özgür

Software Architect

Emrah Çalışkan

Software Architect

Serhat Akbak

DevOps Engineer

Salim Can Yıldız

Software Developer

Ozhan Nuri Yıldırım

Software Developer

Osman Anıl Hiçyılmaz

Software Developer

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+90 850 307 4603