tech stack


team reaven works with relational databases for their stability, performance and world-wide established community behind them. We enjoy playing with their open code-base to tailor their extensive capabilities into ad hoc needs of our partners with zero cost of on-premise solutions.

back-end frameworks

the goal is to deliver on-premise custom back-end solutions; so as to realize it, we work with adjustable software and code within open-source frameworks like Spring. We are happy to work with MS frameworks in delivering web server solutions.

change data capture

to recast existing databases for big data, Reaven Tech uses Debezium with Kafka platform for ETL operations in high scale data streaming and real time manipulation.

business intelligence

modular vendor-free in-house tools for data analysis and management are next priorities when it comes to data analytics on those data warehouses. We service Metabase and Redash for datafication, clarity of information and big data mining and administration. .

front-end uses full-fledged front-end development frameworks which are used to build large-scale applications for both static and dynamic data which are very easy to use and flexible and fast. Likewise, modularity and maintenance are following reasons why we prefer to work with Angular, Vue and Sass

mobile development

reaven prefers cross-platform, rapid development and near native frameworks for mobile applications. Team reaven may set up mobile-first services, create novel UI/UX or redesign existing front-ends in Flutter for a common business face across mobile platforms.


reaven toolset contains conventional Microsoft services and cloud environments. Reaven seniors have years long expertise on MS cloud systems (both legacy and modern) and easy with its versatile Azure architecture.

OS environments

reaven technology can be built upon one of computer operating systems or be integrated into existing ones without architectural changes thanks to OS agnostic low-level programming practices.